what to watch #008

Greetings! Hello again. This months what to watch is a concise and specific affair. We're going to be celebrating the greatest concept album of all time, Pink Floyd's The Wall. I was lucky to see this performed by Roger Waters a few years back, and it is an experience ingrained in to my being. It was miraculous.

With that, we have the Bob Geldof lead movie from 1982, and Roger Waters presentation of The Wall live, from his tour during 2010-2013. Both are excellent and exquisite presentations of this seminal album. You will not be disappointed with either, but watch both!


Pink Floyd - The Wall (1982) 

          Directed by; Alan Parker.
          Animation by; Gerald Scarfe. 
          Starring; Bob Geldof, Bob Hoskins..

I don't know where to begin with describing this movie to you. It is truly an experience, and maybe that is all it has to be. A dark musical from a troubled production could only lead to an end product worth experiencing. 

Unfortunately, this appears to only be available on DVD or Blu-Ray. Though it's wasy to pick up a copy, and for cheap too.

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Roger Waters: The Wall (2015) 

          Directed by; Sean Evans. 
          Starring; Roger Waters..

Wednesday the 18th of September 2013! That was the day I went with my Dad to the Aviva stadium, and my life was changed. This was my first proper experience with spectacle, and the idea that a concert could be more than just a few people up on stage, playing music with some colourful lights on show. This was an entirely different beast/   

Available on to watch on Google Play and AppleTV.

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