monthly playlist//may 2022

it is the fifth month in the year 2022, and we have another playlist for you! 

we won't say much other than it is an absolute banger. lots of new music this month.. Wilco, Paolo Nutini, Mars Argo, Rammstein, My…

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what to watch #005

Number 5 on the mark. A nice trio of exceptional choices this month if we do say so, and we do. A few days late on this one as Liverpool won the FA Cup, our Tony is of course a…

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monthly playlist//april 2022

playlist of the year number four! 

lots of great music coming out this much. so much so, that we haven't heard it all. even up to this morning we were still listening to new tracks. it's been a busy month…

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celebrating Bob Marley

During our first celebrate playlist, we said we want to make these playlists as a challenge to ourselves. We set ourselves two tasks.. that the playlist must play as if it was a setlist, and only one song from each…

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what to watch #003

Number 3! We're doing good, and we've got a good showing this month. Two excellent documentaries, that are both free and available on Youtube. Then a wonderful movie on PrimeVideo. All three we are certain you will enjoy. So until…

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what to watch #002

Here we go, again! We've got three excellent watches for you this month. There's been a lot of great music documentaries on Apple TV+, and this month is no different. We've still got a few more to check out. There's…

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celebrating The Flaming Lips

These are the playlists we really enjoy making. Being able to show off our favourite artists is great. We do challenge ourselves though. The playlist has to play like a concert, and can only feature one track from each release.…

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monthly playlist//january 2022

New Year. New monthly playlist. We'll be better this year at posting them. We hope! 

This is the biggest playlist we've done yet. Just shy of 60 tracks on it. SIXTY! There was a lot of great new music this…

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what to watch #001

Back, again! New title to help us kick off for 2022. Up first we have 4 incredible movies (2) and shows (2) for you to experience and enjoy. We absolutely loved getting to see these over the holidays and we…

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