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monthly playlist//november 2022

Did I forget to do this until the night before it was due? Yes. Is that why it is short? Also yes. Anyway, here is still some great songs for you'all to check out, and hopefully enjoy.

Not long until…

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monthly playlist//september 2022

Not much talking from me this month. Just a lot of great new music and tracks to share with you. I am running late to the cinema, so as always.. like, share, subscribe, follow, love and live.

enjoy peeple!  


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monthly playlist//august 2022

back to a mega playlist for you all to enjoy. heard lots of great new music this month. YOU, yes you, will not be disappointed!

a great month for shows too!. we had two straight off the bucket list in…

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monthly playlist//july 2022

YOU need to check out this month's playlist. it is phenomenal. it's a short 'un, but a good 'un. lots of great new music out this month, plus music we just discovered. 

got to scratch Social Distortion off the bucket…

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monthly playlist//june 2022

our monthly playlist for the SIXTH month in the year of 2022. 

soooo much great music to share this month.. Pixies, Belle and Sebastian, Lord Huron, Wilco, The Black Keys, Gorillaz, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, some more Paolo Nutini.. AND Tessa…

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monthly playlist//may 2022

it is the fifth month in the year 2022, and we have another playlist for you! 

we won't say much other than it is an absolute banger. lots of new music this month.. Wilco, Paolo Nutini, Mars Argo, Rammstein, My…

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monthly playlist//april 2022

playlist of the year number four! 

lots of great music coming out this much. so much so, that we haven't heard it all. even up to this morning we were still listening to new tracks. it's been a busy month…

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monthly playlist//january 2022

New Year. New monthly playlist. We'll be better this year at posting them. We hope! 

This is the biggest playlist we've done yet. Just shy of 60 tracks on it. SIXTY! There was a lot of great new music this…

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