what to watch #002

Here we go, again! We've got three excellent watches for you this month. There's been a lot of great music documentaries on Apple TV+, and this month is no different. We've still got a few more to check out. There's a Velvet Underground one that's high on the list to watch. Though firstly, we've to share this months viewing list. We've got the Beastie Boys Story and Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You, and also one of our favourite movies Sing Street. So check them out, and we hope you enjoy! See you next month. 


Beastie Boys Story (2020) 

          Directed by; Spike Jonze. 
          Starring; Mike Diamond, Adam Horowitz and the never forgotten MCA, Adam Yauch..

What can be said? One of the best Hip-Hop groups of all time, and this documentary is a great telling of that story. For new and old fans alike. It's a must see. Even then, their story is simply too big to be contained in a standalone documentary. That would maybe be our only negative. This could have gained more enjoyability in a longer docu-series format! 

Available on AppleTV+.

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Bruce Springsteen's Letter To You (2021) 

          Directed by; Thom Zimny. 
          Starring; "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, "Little" Steven Van Zandt, "The Professor" Roy Bittan, "The Mighty" Max Weinberg, Gary W. Tallent, Patti Scialfa, Nils Lofgren, Charles Giordano and Jake Clemons..

It is I, Tony, and I've seen The boss five times. This behind the scenes look at his latest album Letter To You is wondrous look at an artist closing in on a 50 year career. And Springsteen meditates on that fact throughout the making of this album and the songs inhabiting it. It is warm and earnest, and an insight into Springsteen's creative process and spirit! 

Available on AppleTV+.

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Sing Street (2016) 

          Directed and Written by; John Carney. 
          Starring; Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Lucy Boynton, Jack Reynor, Aidan Gillen..

John Carney has shown now to be an exemplary filmmaker on music topics. 

[He also wrote and directed Once (2007) and Begin Again (2013)] 

Sing Street is no different different than his previous showings. A feel good musical journey about a boy starting a band to impress a girl. We've all been there! This film has so much heart and charm, and the music is contagious. Looking forward to whatever the next musical journey is that John Carney takes the audience on. 

Available on Youtube, Google Play Movies and Apple TV.

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